J Prop Eco Power – Shaft Line

What is it?

The Eco Power propeller for shaft line is available up to 250 horsepower and represents the evolution of the tried and tested J Prop Classica. Like the latter, it is designed with a symmetrical section and profile to obtain perfect balance on the hydrodynamic centre of pressure.

The innovative shape of the blades offers an important advantage in terms of thrust efficiency and consequent reduction in consumption.

J Prop – The self-adjusting variable pitch propeller

The advantages of JPROP propellers are well known to all sailing enthusiasts:
- The ability to vary the pace;
- The design of the blades, designed to minimize drag under sail;
- The significantly higher performance in reverse, compared to conventional propellers, thanks to the automatic rotation of the blades of 180°

The last generation

J Prop is the ideal propeller for sailing boats, both for cruising and racing. Conceived and designed specifically for sailors, it is easy to install, easy to adjust, resistant and efficient.

Absence of vibrations

J Prop is statically and dynamically balanced by electronic control to achieve vibration free operation.

The body

Made in cast aluminium/bronze alloy, it is mechanically worked on CNC machining centers to ensure the highest quality components.

The ogive

It is built in aluminium/bronze alloy, with reference notches for pitch adjustment and removable terminal in electrolytic zinc for absolute protection of the propeller against corrosion.

Central hub

Suitable to contain the different types of propeller shaft. The conical or other type of seat is made to customer specifications.

The conical couples

With helical teeth, they protect against any inconvenience even with the application of high powers.

Eco Power propellers available for shaft line

Type A propellers from 13" to 18"

Type B propellers from 17” to 22”

In arrivo

Larger dimensions of propeller or propellers for shafts with diameters in inches or details can be made on request.

Do you prefer the J Prop Classic?

(recommended if your engine exceeds 250 horsepower)

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is more suitable for you!