We are the “inventors” of the popular J Prop!

Since 1992, Fabio Berghella – founder Rocco’s son – has led the company.

Fabio is assisted by Eleonora who follows the administration and supports him in the commercial part and by Gianpiero, who deals with the assembly of the propellers as well as the two grinding workers and three mechanical production workers.

Since 2004, with the purchase of a 5-axis machine, Marine Propeller has brought all the propeller manufacturing processes in-house that were previously outsourced: in this way, it is able to control every stage of the manufacturing process, guaranteeing its customers the best quality.

Fabio says: “When in 1988 we were doing mechanical working for third parties with the company COBER, one of our customers asked us to produce propellers with him. We enthusiastically accepted to follow his invitation and his indications but, the first propellers we produced gave a lots of problems.

And it was like this until, in 1992, we decided to redesign and patent our own propeller: it was the beginning of the successful J Prop!

We tested the propellers in a tank by measuring the water’s movements with the different prototypes in forward and reverse gear.

And when, after distributing the first J Props, no customer called us back, we were surprised because we were used to complains or in any case to report anomalies. So, we called and the answer was always: J Prop is great!

Since then, we have expanded the range of our propellers and kept to make improvements: the gear metals that were originally bronze are now 17 4ph aquamet (a treatment of steel that makes it more resistant to corrosion) and with J Prop Eco Power - the latest evolution of our propeller - to the recognized improvements in sailing performance we have added greater efficiency and lower consumption when we power.

  • 1992J Prop was born

    after four years of trial and mistakes, thanks to the experience gained and a careful redesign, the first J Prop propeller is patented
  • 1994larger gears and a smaller spinner the size of the gears

    increased and alongside the 83 ogive on which the first Jprop was born comes the new 63 ogive for smaller boats
  • 1996helical teeth

    The blades rest on 5 teeth of the gears (those of the competition on one). In fact, we have two gears (the cone and the stop on which the hammer beats) with 2.5 support teeth each. The hammer effect remains outside the propeller, preventing the lateral deformation of the blades: more robustness and less wear for our customers’ tranquillity
  • 1997the 116 arrives

    A new larger nose cone to meet the needs of more powerful engines
  • 1998model 93

    A new ogive is born: a cross between the 83 and the 116.
  • 1999wishbone 145

    The 145 spinner is the largest prop we have ever mounted - even on a 500-horsepower motor
  • 2004production with 5 axis machine

    with the new 5-axis machine, all machining takes place within the company for greater quality control
  • 2011patented tensioner propeller

    The patent arrives for the J Prop propeller for saildrive with tensioner
  • 2013with J Prop Eco Power you go even better with the engine

    in collaboration with our Dutch distributor. We have introduced a new shape of the blade that allows you to take water more towards the outer part of the rotation circumference and thanks to this push more and consume less fuel: that’s how J Prop Ecopower was born.