J Prop Eco Power

What is it?

J Prop Eco Power is the natural evolution of our classic shaft line and sail drive propellers.

The new shape of the blades, designed to further improve efficiency and noiselessness, adds the advantage of faster “flagging” positioning during sailing

ECO POWER means more thrust and lower fuel consumption.

It should also be noted that this increase in efficiency is accompanied by a reduction in propeller propulsion noise compared to a flat bladed prop (except at low engine speed around 1400rpm where the ECO POWER croons happily!).

This increased thrust capacity further increases reverse performance when manoeuvring in port, with the boat responding to the slightest demand for acceleration.

The hydrodynamic profile of the blade allows to further lower the resistance under sail and, combined with the thinnest propeller body on the market, allows you to benefit from the minimum resistance of the propeller when sailing.

Obviously, the pitch adjustment is done in the same way as that of the traditional J Prop and its optimization is always just as easy.

The J Prop Eco Power is available in two-blade, three-blade and four-blade versions for powers from 8 to 170 HP.